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All You Need To Know About Broadcast Communication Systems

There are many types of communication systems in the world today, from telephones and so on as the term “Communication System” is very vast and can describe various devices. It gets long and boring reading a whole lists worth of communication systems that in which some may not be in use anymore- keeping this article nice and simple and straight to the point, let’s focus on a certain type of communication system.

Broadcast intercom, a rare topic that has hardly been touched in an aspects, finding an article on them is hard to find making the whole thing seem like a mystery.

Taking the whole thing step by step and get a full informative explanation on what broadcast is then moving on to broadcast intercom.


Thinking about live broadcast you think about everything being fast paced and no mistakes can be made, which is all really is exactly how you’d expect. It’s about delivering the best and highest quality programming for the viewer to stay satisfied, everything always has to be done on time and on cue.

As there as no second takes that can be done, perfection is what they thrive forward to with no mistakes taking place and exceeding everyone’s expectations.

The schedule itself is hard to follow and managing it is even harder due to the constant and hectic broadcast schedule that would need to be coordinated between the newsroom, production control room, master control, studio and many other departments and areas, making the communication a priority for 100% efficiency.

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Broadcast Intercom

Intercom systems main general purpose of use is to facilitate towards simple and complex communication setups, for the use of continuously talking and or listening mode, the amount of people that you can communicate with varies from a handful to thousands of users.

Intercom or also known as its long name intercommunication system, is a system that is standalone that can be a closed circuit system with either one-way “simplex” or two-way “duplex” type of communication.

A two-way system can be operated in half or full-duplex, using a half-duplex system will result in one specific party talking while the others can only listen to what is being said.

Where as full-duplex is the option for both parties to be able to communicate, talking and listening at the same time holding conversations as if you were using a mobile phone, with no feedback or voice being cut off.

In a way it could remind you of walkie talkies that everyone use to use when they were younger, testing them out across the room with your siblings or friends and saying “Roger” after each sentence like you would see in the movies.

The intercom is obviously more professional and used by adults in a specific business field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with them.


Where Can I Buy Such Systems?

Now knowing somewhat what the broadcast intercom systems are and the purposes they can be used for, it helps directing people towards purchasing their own system for all types of work forces.

A brand that is well known for broadcast intercom system is none other than Clear-Com, a company that has been on the market for more than 50 years and still going strong with their innovative ideas and creations.

You can find many Clear-Com distributors worldwide who are authorised to sell their products and systems.

They provide different types of intercom systems from, wireless, digital and analog that can be chosen from but which type of market is each best to be used in.

Wireless Intercom:- They offer the same power, flexibility and audio in comparison to that of a wired system. With 3 different categories that the systems would be classified under, being Basic, Advanced and High Performance having different requirements on each category, as the Basic Systems described in three words is Simple, Portable and Affordable.

For advanced systems is Connectivity, Performance, Intuitive and finally the high end systems would be Comprehensive, High Capacity, Extensible, Scalable.

Digital Matrix Intercom:- The Digital Matrix platforms also known as Eclipse and Eclipse HX as some of the latest advancements made at Clear-Com for intercom devices, that provides intercommunication for production teams that would need direct (point-to-point) and one to many connections (group, partyline or conference).

 Analog Partyline Intercom:- Used by thousands worldwide, the analog partyline system is most commonly used and could be considered the backbone in theatres, schools, broadcast stations and any other medium sized live productions sites. The platform is a plug and play design with the utmost best audio being heard.

 Going through and easy to follow breakdown on what broadcast is and the usage of broadcast intercoms and the different system types there are to choose from. It is pretty simple to follow through without getting too technical that would overly confuse everyone before you get started.